We do the hard work for you - it's thrilling to see your investment portfolio grow, especially when all the hard work is done for you. To find out how we can help you secure your retirement through residential property investment,contact us today.

Touchstone house and land packages in Christchurch make excellent investments…

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Have you considered an investment property in Christchurch? As a building company based in Christchurch, we can help.

How Residential Property Investment can secure your retirement

For many New Zealanders, the reality of their Superannuation Plans falls well short of their needs. Put simply, the savings you will require for a comfortable retirement go well beyond your ability to save enough – even if you’re on a very good income. This means for many of us, the only practical way to meet a retirement savings goal is direct investment in residential property.

We’ll give you the expert advice you need

If you’re a homeowner, the equity in your home is costing you thousands in unearned investment income. The equity in your own home could be the key to your financial security in retirement age. The pitfalls in the investment remain. However, this is our area of expertise and we can guide you through.

Banks are all about Low Risk

For your bank, it is likely the only investment they will be interested in lending on is further property investment. It is highly unlikely they will lend on shares or equities. The reason for this is two-fold: security, and the knowledge that property is very low risk.


Where can I tap into experience and advice I can trust?


What about tax advice and lending structures?

Can I be sure I’m purchasing the right product?
And in the right location?
And in the right location?
Do I need tenancy management?

Why our Experience and Expertise equals Results

For more than 20 years, we have been helping our clients establish Residential Property Investment as part of their long-term savings plan. During this time, we have developed our Property Investment Strategy to meet our clients’ goals, achieving excellent results.

We know the Christchurch property market

At Touchstone Homes our extensive experience means we build for a realistic property market. This means our investments have stood the test of time, often in changing and challenging conditions.

Our Residential Property Investment strategies are focused solely on helping our clients realise their financial goals to set them up for the future. Personally, it gives us great pleasure to have helped many clients achieve wealth-producing rates of return.

Let’s talk about today’s market

The key factor to our property market is Time in the Market. The New Zealand economy is cyclical: periods of prosperity are followed by periods of economic slow-down. The ‘good times’ are always bigger than the ‘slow times’ yet everyone’s focus tends to be on the slower economic periods. Not surprisingly, this creates uncertainty in people’s minds, and they hesitate because they lack confidence. However, the best time to buy is during a slow period where the value for money proposition is at its best.

Using this strategy, in today’s property investment markets you could expect:

  1. Strong prospects for property gain
  2. Consistent growth income streams
  3. Good yields and positive cash flow

We offer Complete Investment Packages

We have complete investment packages for new 3, 4 or 5-bedroom homes strategically located in Christchurch’s best new subdivisions on some of the best available sections. You can select from an extensive range of home plans to choose one that suits your budget and we’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish. You’ll find our contracts are easy to understand and we’re upfront with our pricing and allowances so there are no surprises..

We do the hard work for you

It’s thrilling to see your investment portfolio grow, especially when all the hard work is done for you. To find out how we can help you secure your retirement through residential property investment, contact us today.

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